Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Probably my favorite picture of the photos I've taken. Shot in Venice, Italy just after sunset from a rocking vaperreto (water taxi). The photo just has so much color, and the light dances off the water! Ahh, Venice!

This is a thing I rarely get to see - a sunrise! In this photo, it is about 6 a.m. and I'm getting ready to take a hot air balloon trip over the tablelands of Australia.

After kissing the Blarney stone at Blarney Castle in Ireland, I snapped this shot from the top. It was so green and lush, and really said "Ireland" to me. Posted by Hello

Notre Dame in Paris, France, has probably been photographed more than all the supermodels combined. I wanted to try something different. I noticed these roses growing in the courtyard, so decided to sit on the ground and take a picture of the cathedral through "rose colored glasses". As the French song goes, La vie en rose! Posted by Hello

When sitting down to eat in Kinsale, Ireland, I noticed how beautiful the table was where we were sitting. How could I resist taking a picture ? Posted by Hello

The Duomo in Florence, Italy, dominates the landscape. So how to take a unique picture of it? I decided to make it the background, rather than the main focus of the picture. Posted by Hello

This picture was taken in Nice, France. The flower market had so many flowers in so many colors, but these roses were my favorite. Posted by Hello

A beautiful butterfly, taken at the Aruba Butterfly Farm. I call him my UVA butterfly, since he's orange and blue! Posted by Hello

Sunset in Aruba, with an obliging pelican who flew in at just the right time. Posted by Hello

St. Mark's Bascilica bathed in the moonlight in Venice, Italy.  Posted by Hello

Dogwood blossoms - the official state flower of Virginia, where I live. Posted by Hello